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    And then it hit me…

    So just a few moments ago I was scrolling through Tumblr and I saw a photo of a chubby girl and my first thought was “Damn, she’s cute!”
    It wasn’t until it happened again moments later with a different person, that I realised what had happened in my brain.
    Despite being chubby myself, my entire life I’ve fought with a step-by-step thought process:
    1) See someone who is any size larger or skinnier than ’ Celebrity-Thin’
    2) Only notice their weight. Nothing else.
    3) Feel a bit disgusted.
    4) Forcibly remind myself over and over again that everyone is beautiful in their own way.
    The media is so saturated with images of ‘perfect bodies’ that we’re almost conditioned to despise not only our own bodies, but also the people around us.

    But now I’m realising… Whatever the media do, can be undone. Using their own tactics.
    Because recently, thanks to body positivity and body confidence, (especially on the more friendly corners of the internet)  my life has become instead overwhelmed with images of all sorts of men and women who are also being described as beautiful.
    And it’s working.
    The way I think, the way I’ve been brought up, the philosophy with which I’ve lived my entire life… has started to reset.
    My personal standards in beauty have changed, have broadened and I didn’t even notice it happening.

    My brain has been acknowledging this new flood of diverse body types, and sub consciously re-programmed itself with a new definition of beauty that encompasses everyone.
    All it took was to see more and different people being confident in themselves. And seeing everyone else react positively.
    I’m only one person.
    And weight is definitely only one of a hundred issues.
    But it’s a pretty okay first step.
    Because it works.
    It can work.

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    Anonymous asked: Are you a self-taught artist? And do you perhaps have any tips on the subject of art? From, a fellow artist :-3 (btw it was amazing meeting you at MCM in May!)


    I’m self taught in the loosest possible definition of the term :P
    I’ve been drawing longer than I’ve been walking and talking, but for the longest time I never drew my own ideas because I was frustrated when they didn’t look like they did in my head.
    So I just copied and learned from other artists until I found my own style and had picked up enough influence from artists I admired to be able to stand on my own.
    Never ever be afraid of needing references or inspiration or help.
    I always felt ashamed when I had to look up a pose or check how someone else shades, because I always thought that a good artist would know how to do those things instinctively.
    But that’s simply not true.
    There are million ways to do one thing, and seeing how other people do it will help you find your way faster.
    Obviously don’t just rip off another artist’s work, and always give credit where it’s due- but keep learning and always let yourself be inspired- not intimidated- by the endless supply of art around you.
    Hope that helps!

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    Anonymous asked: You are so smart and funny but also emotionally intelligent. Where does it all come from? What are your main influences? Max (:


    a) Thank you!
    b) It all comes from my brain and 24 years of being surrounded exclusively by sarcastic people.
    c) Main influences include: Monty Python, Douglas Adams, Brian Froud, Lev Yilmaz and this one book about fairies my mum bought me in 2001.

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    Anonymous asked: Do you like shar pei?


    I like sharpies.
    If that’s what you mean.

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    Anonymous asked: What was the weirdest thing to happen/person you met at MCM this year?


    People recognised me.
    Always weird.
    …but in a good way.

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    Anonymous asked: How do you make and animate your wonderful cartoons? I've always wanted to do it but I've never known how, and yours are so lovely and I just love what you do! Thanks for doing it ene cause I look forward to your videos ^-^


    My flatmate, who is an awesome professional animator will cringe at my answer…
    But I draw all the illustrations individually in Photoshop (using a preset canvas size to match YouTube’s settings) and then I export them individually as pngs.
    I then stitch all the pictures together in a timeline using Final Cut.
    In other words, I make life very difficult for myself for no reason, but I have fun doing it! :P

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    Anonymous asked: Is phan real?


    Recorded Phan sightings date back as far as 1611 some time after the first settlers arrived in New England.
    Most notably, a surviving witness statement from Robert Cotton, a priest, claims:

    "It was the height of the thirteenth hour when [Phan] made face- an apparition from across a field first in light then in swarm. The weather soured and upon my cries the manifestation darkened, withdrew unto itself and abruptly dispersed."

    The most recent encounter with Phan is alleged to have been experienced by Jess Michaels of Houston, Texas in 1998. Though experts dismiss the case as a simple ‘narcotic induced episode’.

    To this day, most sensible scholars maintain that Phan does not reasonably exist.

    I for one, think anything is possible.

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    madmanfm asked: Possibly a weird sounding request. Basically I have a segment in my radio show (its only graveyard) where I play spoken word type things I like and I was wondering if I could play the audio from "Beautiful" for this weeks one? No worries if not


    Yeah, sounds cool! Just be sure to give credit where it’s due, eh? ;)

    (Hope the show goes well- is there any way for me to listen in?)

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    Anonymous asked: What do you think our children will look like?


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    iloveyoursoul asked: Congratulations!!!


    Thank you!! :D
    I’m very happy/excited! … I’m Hapcited!

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    Also, I miss my babies valyrianways & scarfdemon. Why can’t everyone be more like you two?

    I loaf you bbz.
    Frozen cocktails soon.

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    ravenlindberg asked: If you woke up one day in an imaginary world from your own mind, what kind of world would it be?


    Well it’d have a reeeally specific colour scheme (Blues, deep purples and turqouise).
    It’d be constantly night time with visible nebulae in the sky, and there’d be lots of trees, waterfalls and glowing/ sparkly things.
    And obviously faeries galore.

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