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    The TurboPals podcast No.2 (TomChloeElliot and me!).

    This week’s topics include embarrassing moments, comic books and zombies.

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    I hosted the “Smaller Youtuber” panel at Summer in the City and WE NEARLY STARTED A REVOLUTION

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    scarfdemon talks Nathan Lane, Xaphod Beeblebrox and splurge-guns in today’s Movie Deal. Also there is an interrupting cat.

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    Replace the vowels in your URL with “oodle”


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    I’m so happy with that.

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    An Open Letter to Sam Pepper →


    Hi Sam!

    Thanks for taking the time to read this letter. As fellow YouTubers, we have much respect for others who put so much hard work into building their channel. It’s not easy, and you should be proud! That said, we’ve noticed that in your success, there has been a lack of…

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    *puts follower count on job application*

    You laugh, but I did this and got the job. Twice.

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    PLZ HELP... →

    Hello Gentlemen and Female Gentlemen!

    So after a brief (1 year) hiatus, I’m selling hella custom art again!
    So please check out my Etsy… Any orders are massively appreciated, and you can feel happy knowing that you have directly assisted in helping me move out of my increasingly flooded and slanted apartment!

    Love and more love,


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    Arxhan Angel- 10

    May was silhouetted against the sky and James had to squint to see that she was being frowned at. Michael weaved through clumps of tall grass to where the two girls were staring at each other.
    “Literally everyone can see you,” he sighed, sidling up to May who had her hands on her hips. “Everyone,” she echoed.
    James pouted, but she had to admit that they had a point; it wasn’t easy for her to hide.
    Even deep in the grass, her short, boyish crop of red-pink hair stuck out like a sore thumb. Her narrow, almond eyes were a sharp and strange shade of turquoise, often seeming to glow in the darkness. Now against the backdrop of dull, burnt nature they could probably be seen from across the lake. She was small though, drowning in her hoodie and jeans, and that had to count for something in her tiny hiding space.
    She frantically wrestled about on the spot as she tried to climb to her feet through a tangle of dried undergrowth.
    Okay, but please tell me you saw him,” she said. May and Michael exchanged looks.
    Who…that guy?” Michael frowned.
    James dusted off her jeans and widened her eyes.
    “Oh my God, yes! I don’t believe it!”
    “What’s not to believe?” frowned May “I’d shout at my kids too if they were throwing rocks.”
    “Rocks,” confirmed James absent mindedly. She blinked. “No… wait. What?”
    “That guy shouting at his kids over there,” May gestured vaguely to a footpath further around the lake, “It was pretty intense. But kind of funny.”
    James closed her eyes and shook her head impatiently.
    “No. No no no. No. The man… the man who just…” she made a violent lifting and waving motion with her arms, “…who just
    rose out of the water!”
    James repeated the arm motions just to make sure she was being perfectly clear.
    Michael glanced around and leaned forward towards his friend, keeping his voice low.
    “A man… rose out of the water?”
    “Was it a mermaid?” May gasped.
    James let her arms fall to her sides and looked disappointed.
    You didn’t see, did you?”
    Michael shook his head and May placed what she thought was a comforting hand on top of James’ forehead.
    “We’ll catch one,” she said, “today’s just not the day.”
    James sighed and gently removed May’s hand, nodding irritably in agreement.

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    scarfdemon talks Nathan Lane, Xaphod Beeblebrox and splurge-guns in today’s Movie Deal. Also there is an interrupting cat.

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    this should not be as funny as it is

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    Arxhan Angel-9

    Out in the depths, the surface of the lake began to bubble again. James gasped and rolled to where she had torn a parting in the reeds to spy through. She stretched out blindly for the radio and stopped.

    The bubbles had started to move, snaking forward towards the shoreline leaving a foamy trail behind them. James didn’t dare move, only her eyes followed the steady progress of the bubbles as they drew nearer to the wooden jetty close to her hiding place.

    As they reached shallow water, the bubbles stopped, the water erupted…and a finely dressed gentleman walked out of the lake, with a neatly folded newspaper.

    James’ mouth dropped open, her hand hovering, frozen beside the abandoned radio.

    The gentleman was completely dry and he whistled an upbeat tune as he strode purposefully up the bank and disappeared into a shroud of bushes.

    James was frozen in place staring after the gap in the leaves. Was it her imagination or were the branches beginning to close in on themselves, concealing the hole the gentleman had made? James did not blink, did not breath, but her hand began to scramble madly to her side, trying to feel for the radio. She found it in the same pile of rushes and dragged it by the antenna to raise it to her mouth.

    She began to whisper breathlessly, still not taking her eyes off of the bushes.

    “May… May can you hear me?”

    “Yes,” came the reply, clear as day. There was a crunch of footsteps on dry grass and James craned upwards to see her friend standing over her.

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    Arxhan Angel- 8

    The radio crackled lightly in James’ hand and a boy’s voice piped through.
    “We saw it, James,” it said flatly.
    The radio paused.
    “It’s all we’ve seen.”
    James noted the boredom in the boy’s voice and felt a little disappointed. This was supposed to be an adventure. They were hunting magic together!

    The radio came back to life.
    “We’re going to come to you, James,” came a high, excitable girl’s voice.
    James gave a startled look and frantically raised the radio, whispering into it with urgency.
    “No, May, Michael… stay where you are! Don’t move or you’ll miss something, we’re so close!”
    There was a pause.
    The radio had gone quiet and James gave a frustrated sigh before dropping it onto a heap of dried rushes.
    There was so much time to kill.

    The summer holidays had arrived without warning in early June when an explosive accident in the school’s chemistry labs had destroyed half of the main building.
    It had come as a relief that the incident occurred on a weekend and no one was hurt.
    It had come as a surprise that the incident occurred on a weekend and there had been no one around to cause it.James had not hesitated to tell her friends that she suspected ghouls.James’ friends had not hesitated to ignore her.
    It wasn’t one of her most unusual theories, but now she had a much longer summer holiday in front of her and she was determined to start finding proof… not only for the untimely explosion of her school but for everything around her which she believed…


    Knew…was straight out of a fairytale.


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